Side Income with Canva Templates

If you love Canva and designing with Canva, then this is the right course for you.

Do you want to make some money on the side by doing something you already love doing? If you love the amazing online graphic design tool - Canva, then this may be just the thing for you! In this course, I'll show you exactly how you can monetize your love for Canva and design, and make a sweet side-income stream from selling your Canva templates online.

Blogging Blueprint

Love writing? Want to make money with your blog? Then this three-course bundle is for you.

There are three most important aspects of being a successful blogger: driving traffic, building an email list, and making money! This course bundle offers you three courses to achieve just that!

- Manic Pinit: Learn how to drive massive traffic to your blog with Pinterest.

- List-X-Plode: Learn how to build and grow an engaging email list with your blog.

- Affiliate Marketing A-Z: Learn how to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing.

Or Sign Up for Individual Blogging Courses

If you need help with just Pinterest, or just list-building, or just affiliate marketing, then you can sign up for individual courses as well!